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Welcome to our web site!

Our slogan here at Wichita Falls Records, "tomorrow's music company" means that we are committed to leading the way in rock'n'roll, because that is the style of music that is, and always has been, the music of the future!

The tradition of West Texas music has a firm foundation in

Wichita Falls, Texas.

Nesman Studios, started in the late 1940’s by Louie and Sally

Nesman, was visited by such greats as Buddy Holly, Slim

Whitman, and others, each recording some of their greatest

classics in this Wichita Falls recording studio.

In fact, Nesman Studios was the first commercial recording

studio that Buddy Holly recorded in.

Located on York Avenue, this landmark studio was also the

place for the first professional efforts of many other groups

including the Sprague Brothers. The brothers lived on York

Avenue, so it was a short walk of a block or so to the world

famous Nesman Studios.


All of the other landmarks of Wichita Falls serve to inspire us

here at Wichita Falls Records as well. These include 9th Street

Market where you “go & getcha a Dr Pepper", the Chicken Box,

Kemp & Kell where all the kids hang out ‘till sunrise,

(drinkin’ ol’ Jack Daniels and wishin’ they were never born),

and Sonic Drive In of course.


All of us who are familiar with real Texas music, and the

lifestyle of chawin’, gettin’ drunk and gettin’ laid, we all

have appreciated the spirit of Wichita Falls and all, and bein’

born there as well, we just had ta name our brand spankin’ new

label Wichita Falls Records! Ya’ll come ‘round’n’visit us now,

ya hear?



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Legendary studio innovator Louie Nesman applies his expert touch in Nesman Studios, Wichita Falls

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